We are a two-person design and photo studio located in Bucharest, Romania. Whether you’re an agency, marketing department, start-up or maybe a small business owner, we would love to get to know you and help you create not just the design but, the POUR-TRAIT of your business.


    As our name puts it, we create the POUR-TRAIT of your business. Therefore, we need to get to know you! First, let’s meet and talk! Good communication is one of the keys to success. In a perfect world you’d come to us with a brief, if not it’s okay but, our work will take up much more time, and time as we all know, is precious. We start the creative process and take over it, brainstorm, conceive several concepts, start creating it and commence the work on your projects.

    After this, we will come up with a final presentation of the concepts and we will be eagerly waiting for your feedback! Feedback is much appreciated, so it’s very important for us to hear back from you not only at the end but also during the creative process in order to exactly understand your needs and to be sure we are on the same page. Let’s stay in touch, communicate and bring your project successfully to an end.